How much does a dental implant cost?

With the constantly growing costs of health care, patients must notice that fees for dental implants, further inventory and overhead, are a idea of significant additional educational wants and huge investment in the highly technical equipment which is necessary to reassure you the most favorable, certain and long-lasting clinical results.When compared to routine dental system like fillings, cleanings, extractions and root canals, sinus lift dental implants might be considered costly. However, unlike normal methods of tooth replacement, a successful dental implant can last a lifetime.

Multiple written studies have shown that basically every other form of tooth restoration has a finite life, and needs replacement on a regular basis. As, caps or crowns and bridges represent short term solutions to tooth loss, and need to be changed every 5-7 years. Every single time a crown is change it matter additional loss of tooth and gum tissue, a hidden need for root canal treatment and / or periodontal therapy.

sinus lift

Moreover, every time a crown is changed, today’s fee is significantly greater than the real market fee, simply due to rise. Examine the basic cost of a sinus lift dental implant versus the continuing costs of changing existing restorations. According to many studies have shown that the success rate of implants and implant supported crowns and bridges are around 95% or better. Every other form of tooth replacement, or medical system, pales by comparison.

Sadly, it’s hard to provide an “average” fee for dental implants. Fees are resolved based on type and number of implants need. Costs are also relevant to the amount of related processes which are often important to clearly prepare the site of a missing tooth to receive an implant. These systems may be required to develop bone and gum tissue. The condition of the jaw bone, medical issues such as Diabetes and smoking, are all aspects which also must be factored into the establishment a fair fee.

It should be recognized that nobody comes to a dentist for an implant. Knowledgeable patients expect that an implant is placed to insure a functional and cosmetically acceptable tooth replacement. Providing such a result requires considerably more skill than simply placing an implant in the jaw bone.

All things treated, dental implant treatment shows not only the most technologically advanced, but the most cost effective form of tooth replacement. Coupled with the level of care, skill and judgment exercised by a well trained implant surgeon, one would be hard pressed to find a cheaper option. Dental implants can provide a permanent solution to your dental problems, while ignoring the long term bother and raise costs associated with less permanent options for tooth replacement.


Dr. Mokbel is currently a clinical assistant professor teaching Restorative Dentistry and Prosthetics at the University of Southern California (USC), School of Dentistry, (since 1983), specializing in all medical dental systems to improve the appearance of your smile and to help those patients with complex missing teeth.


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